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Basilico Ltd 12" pizza + side offer £20

When you're not wanting to share. The optimum size for one: any 12" pizza + garlic bread

Basilico Ltd 12" pizza, garlic + drink £21

Thirsty for more? Take any 12" pizza, garlic bread + a soft drink for

Basilico Ltd The all-out offer £42

Make like the Italian greats and go all out on indulgence. Any 2 12" pizzas + 2 sides + 2 soft drink

Basilico Ltd Group offer £35

Family dinners call for mid-week luxury. Take any 18" + 4 soft drinks + ice cream

Basilico Ltd Promo 2 x 10" Pizza

2 x 10" Pizza for £22

Basilico Ltd Promo 2 x 18" Pizza

2 x 18" Pizza for £40

Basilico Ltd Celery
Basilico Ltd Gluten
Basilico Ltd Eggs
Basilico Ltd Fish
Basilico Ltd Milk
Basilico Ltd Peanuts
Basilico Ltd Soya
Basilico Ltd Sulphur dioxide

Basilico Ltd Nuts
Basilico Ltd Mild
11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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